the bottom of your joy.

What is at the bottom of your joy? Are you experiencing joy? I thought I knew what would bring me joy. But I had it wrong. I had the wrong definition of joy, and the things I thought would give me this self-defined joy, never satisfied me. For a long time, there were two counterfeits … Continue reading the bottom of your joy.


whisper truth to your heart.

What are the lies you believe? About who you are, how you should live, what you should be anxious about, what you think people think of you. The psalms are powerful. I like that they help me pray. There are psalms of praise, marveling at the holiness and goodness of our Father, but even more … Continue reading whisper truth to your heart.

how to practice self-care without feeling guilty.

Self-care, in my mind anyway, can be a difficult practice to feel good about. I end up feeling like I'm indulging myself. I do think self-care can become self-centered. If in every situation I put my needs above the needs of others, I'm overstepping the purview of self-care. Self-care does not justify the elevation¬†or magnification¬†of … Continue reading how to practice self-care without feeling guilty.