self-image: things to think, ask, and do

Self-image is a tricky topic to say the least. The perception of our abilities, appearance, and personality affects the way we interact with ourselves and other people. While internalized guilt and shame pollute self-image, there is an equally tempting impulse to elevate self-image to an unhealthy level. Pride, self-hate/loathing, self-condemnation, shame, confusion or uncertainty, approval … Continue reading self-image: things to think, ask, and do


the bottom of your joy.

What is at the bottom of your joy? Are you experiencing joy? I thought I knew what would bring me joy. But I had it wrong. I had the wrong definition of joy, and the things I thought would give me this self-defined joy, never satisfied me. For a long time, there were two counterfeits … Continue reading the bottom of your joy.